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My life is so, truly uninteresting that I don’t have anything to put on the internet. Pathetic? Yes.
I haven’t tasted a crepe in so long. It’s quite sad, actually. I’m pretty sure going this long without crepes is considered cruel and unusual punishment in 38 states. But, when I finally do get to taste the joyous flavors of the crepes, I shall eat a sweet one. Maybe. Perhaps the one with Nutella! Ok, the rest of this blog shall be about my love for Nutella.

Nutella is the best. It has the consistency of creamy peanut-butter, but tastes much better. It’s a hazelnut spread with some kind of cocoa power or something in it. Because it is definitely slightly chocolatey. I’m not usually one for sweet things. But Nutella is an exception. It just sits there in its modest, white wrapper, practically saying “Pssshht. Peanut-butter? That loser? Well, I’m way more tasty, and not as flashy. So eat me.” In fact, it has said that to me before. Food speaks. You just gotta listen*.

I, personally like Nutella when it’s cold, even though it isn’t supposed to go in to ‘fridge. But, I like it that way. Mwahahaha. I find that Nutella is tastiest on a croissant. It’s delicious. Hazelnut out.

*Disclaimer: Food doesn’t actually talk to me. I’m not insane.

Posted: June 28th, 2010
Categories: Food, Life
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