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the word nerd has no synonyms

Very frequently, words such a “‘nerd”, “dweeb”, or “bookworm” are used interchangeably. This is wrong. There are many different breeds of such “losers”, and calling them by the wrong, uh, title, could offend them, especially since the different kinds of “geeks” do not always get along with  each other (another common misconception). So, to make you feel more comfortable around the every-day “dork”, here are the definitions of each, defined by yours truly.

Nerd: prominent figure on the schools honor roll; enjoys homework; sometimes that kid who reminds the teacher about the homework and all the slacker kids grunt in disapproval and resentment. Do not assume that all nerds love school.

Geek: the kid that your grandmother calls over to turn her modem back on because “that newfangled intreweb died again.” The one who is all-knowing of any kind of technology ever invented. They know how to write code, dude. Also may like vintage video games, but that’s up for discussion.

Bookworm: this one is easy. They like to read.

Dork: likes things that seem like rarities, but are actually quite popular (or were at one point), such as World of Warcraft and superhero comic books; optionally, could own a D&D player’s handbook, to perfect his or her skill.

Loser: contrary to popular belief, the “loser” does not have much in common with the previously mentioned “nerd”, “geek” and “bookworm”. “Losers” aren’t really smart or perhaps they don’t “apply themselves”. The one similar characteristic of a “loser” and the rest are that they still more prone to ridicule than the “cool” or “popular” kid. Even then, “losers” tend to travel in packs.

Dweeb: the last on this list, but possibly the most interesting and misunderstood. “Dweebs” are complex beings. They are exactly like “losers”, but for some unknown reason, people think they have the intelligence of a “nerd” or “bookworm”, when in reality, they don’t.  This is probably due to their social awkwardness similar to the two. Their faux-smarts causes them to be hated by the actual intellectuals.

Now don’t get them confused! Your life may be at stake. They hang with those corrupt ginger kids, ya know.

Posted: February 26th, 2011
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