Why I Shouldn’t Have a Blog

First off. ¬†Neglect. If my blog was a pet/small child, it would’ve died from starvation by now. I looked in my drafts. 10 unfinished blog posts. Most of them more interesting than the ones that I’ve actually posted. This is probably the result of me not being able to concentrate on one singular thing unless I’m really excited about it. I’m already losing¬†interest, and it’s the 6th sentence, and the first two really shouldn’t count as sentences.

Secondly, my neglect is also probably due to the fact that my life is barely interesting enough to keep me awake. So I have nothing to share with the vast universe of the Internet.

Last. I’m lazy, and that’s the biggest part of it. Whenever something interesting does happen to me, I’m too lazy to type it out, and on top of that, find an interesting way to write it.

So, the moral of this story is that I’m a lazy, uninteresting person who can’t take care of a pet/small child/blog in a respectable manner.

But I think way too much of myself to admit that.

Posted: December 29th, 2010
Categories: Life
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