News for August 2010


I own a cat. She is the only cat I have ever owned. I love her. So obviously something just had to go wrong, I mean, the world would end if just one thing in my life was perfect, right?

I am allergic. And it’s gotten worse as I’ve grown up.

I can’t pet my beloved feline without her shedding and my face getting blotchy and itchy and then just ending up shoving her off my lap so I can go wash my face. No one, human or kitty-cat, is happy about that.

I know exactly what she is thinking. Thanks a lot, you fiend. I was completely comfortable sitting there with you petting me, but then you just had to push me, your favorite thing ever, off and go to that bright room and look at yourself in that mirror. You’re so selfish.

Life isn’t fair.

Posted: August 1st, 2010
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