These past few days have been tragic.

My iPod as died.

I had an majestic, indigo-coloured 4th generation iPod nano. I remember opening on Christmas about  two years ago (2008) and feeling the joy of seeing the gift I had been longing for since I had seen the glorious Apple commercial for it on T.V.

And now it is gone.

I woke up for band camp at 6:45 in the morning, and I wanted to listen to music without having to sit at my computer, so, naturally, I reach for my iPod and plug in my head phones. The harsh bright light that usually blinds my that early in the morning didn’t appear. Did I plug them in right? Yes. Ok, let’s not freak out. Flip the lock switch. Didn’t work. Plug it into the USB port. That was also pointless. Ok. Reset. That either. Reset again. Panic. Reset. Reset. Panic more. Reset. Cry.  It was clear what was going on. My iPod was dead.

It was like waking up to a dead pet.

I then had to trudge to band camp with sadness sinking in my heart. What will I do in the hour and a half I have for lunch? I can’t listen to music in that time without my iPod. It meant I would have to, dare I say it? Be social.

Well, that part wasn’t very hard. I think it was harder for my friends, who had to eat their lunch listening to me retell my tale of the death of one of my most beloved possessions more times then necessary.

So now I am stuck without portable music, and I feel like a nerd for it.

You just know everyone is thinking “Pshh. Look at that loser girl without an iPod. What is she? A caveman? Has she even heard of the concept of music.”

And I just think back. “Yes, I am in band and I don’t know what music is. I’m just that talented.”

Posted: July 29th, 2010
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