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My life is so, truly uninteresting that I don’t have anything to put on the internet. Pathetic? Yes.
I haven’t tasted a crepe in so long. It’s quite sad, actually. I’m pretty sure going this long without crepes is considered cruel and unusual punishment in 38 states. But, when I finally do get to taste the joyous flavors of the crepes, I shall eat a sweet one. Maybe. Perhaps the one with Nutella! Ok, the rest of this blog shall be about my love for Nutella.

Nutella is the best. It has the consistency of creamy peanut-butter, but tastes much better. It’s a hazelnut spread with some kind of cocoa power or something in it. Because it is definitely slightly chocolatey. I’m not usually one for sweet things. But Nutella is an exception. It just sits there in its modest, white wrapper, practically saying “Pssshht. Peanut-butter? That loser? Well, I’m way more tasty, and not as flashy. So eat me.” In fact, it has said that to me before. Food speaks. You just gotta listen*.

I, personally like Nutella when it’s cold, even though it isn’t supposed to go in to ‘fridge. But, I like it that way. Mwahahaha. I find that Nutella is tastiest on a croissant. It’s delicious. Hazelnut out.

*Disclaimer: Food doesn’t actually talk to me. I’m not insane.

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Today, I was making guacamole for a sammich, and I happened to have the perfect avocado. It wasn’t too squishy, and it wasn’t to hard. I got the seed out very easily. It was green, and not brown & it tasted just like an avocado should.

Perfect specimen of an avocado if I do say so myself.

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Crepes: Part 1 2 & 3

I had the idea for a crepe blog a while ago, but never posted the first two in the past. So, in this blog post, I’ll blog about those two and the one from this past Sunday.

  1. Spinach Artichoke.
    Walking into a crepe shop might not be the most normal thing around, so, leave it to me to pick the crepe that would sound utterly disgusting to most  people my age. This could be repulsive, or it could be wonderful. It was the latter. First let me tell you what’s in it, straight off the menu: “Smoked gouda cheese, fresh spinach, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, sauteed mushrooms and red peppers”.
    This crepe includes some of my favorite foods, gouda, tomatoes (come on, who doesn’t like tomatoes? picky eaters, that’s who), mushrooms, and red peppers. It’s they took me, and made me into a crepe. The flavors blended well, and the artichokes weren’t too overpowering of the other flavors. Good crepe, very good crepe.

  2. Florentine.
    “Swiss cheese, shredded chicken, fresh spinach, sauteed mushrooms and onions and hollandaise sauce.”
    Sounds promising.  And, it was delicious, actually, it was better than the previous one, which I didn’t even think was possible. The hollandaise sauce didn’t  drown the other ingredients with it’s rich flavor, which could be easily done. Yes, it was quite a fine specimen of crepe, if I do say so myself.

  3. Southwestern.
    This might fine crepe includes “Pepper jack cheese, shredded chicken, sautéed onions and red peppers, chipotle mayo.”
    Look at those ingredients, chipotle mayo, pepper jack cheese, and stupid me was surprised when it was bearably spicy. It’s named Southwestern for Pete’s sake. In my defense, I had woken up, about 20 minutes before I took a look at the menu, so I was kinda groggy still.
    The spiciness wasn’t overwhelming, if it were, I would’ve hated it. But for someone who expects it to be Tabasco-sauce spicy will be thoroughly disappointed. If you’re someone like me, who doesn’t quite enjoy their tounge being sizzled off, this crepe is perfect on the spiciness rating. The cheese was melty, but not annoyingly so. And I love red peppers, so, yum all around.

One thing I must let you know about these crepes: do not under any circumstances take the crepe out of the cone-shaped paper cup you hold it by, until you are at the very last bite. If you do, juices from the veggies and other such things will drip onto your lap, and ruin your crepe-eating experience. The paper cup is there for a reason, don’t taint the carefully constructed crepe-design!

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Sunday Crepes

Downtown in Cincinnati there’s this restaurant called It’s Just Crepes. Decorated with IKEA furniture, and offering an assortment of crepes, it’s completely awesome. The menu is divided into two sections: savory and sweet, so, that makes it easy.

I have decided that I will try each and every crepe (not including the featured crepe that changed every month). I shall  try a new one every Sunday after church (it’s withing walking distance, yippie!), and blog about it! I am a person who favors savory instead of sweet, so I will start with those.

Watch out! 38 different crepes in one pitiful little blog.

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